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The Family

Burton Agnes Hall has been in the same family since it was built in 1598, though it has passed through the female line on occasions.

In 1977 Mr. Marcus Wickham-Boynton handed the Hall and gardens to a charitable trust formed for its protection and future upkeep. Under this arrangement it was hoped that future generations of the Boynton family would continue to live in it and it would therefore remain a 'lived-in' family home.

In 1989 on Marcus Wickham-Boynton's death the estate passed to his young cousin Simon Cunliffe-Lister and, until he came of age, was under the guardianship of his mother, Susan Cunliffe-Lister.

In 2005 Simon formally took responsibility for Burton Agnes Hall and with his wife Olivia and their four children Islay, Joss, Otis and Inigo the Cunliffe-Lister family continue the tradition of maintaining and caring for this well-loved family home.  

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